Today, it is almost only your own imagination that stops what kind of motive you can do.  At Evildesign you can get any idea developed and realized. No tattoo style is impossible: everything from old school to portraits.

Feel free to present your idea and I will be happy to help with other approaches.


You can enter the studio with questions, drawings or materials.

If you have a hard time catching up on the days, e-mail always works.

Usually we discuss the ideas until the design is complete.



Step into a relaxed and quiet environment that is confidential and private.

Studio routines are designed for the highest security of the client / artist,

colors that are drug-classed and vegan - thus completely harmless to both humans and animals. To the extent possible, all plastic has been exchanged for environmentally sustainable alternatives and great emphasis has been placed on the design of the studio, including a special floor with antibacterial properties, joint lighting and instruments.

Evildesign's routines and studio exceed requirements on materials, design and execution.


The visit requires identification and a health declaration is drawn up.

After a visit you will receive a color declaration, ie which colors have been injected and a written care instructions for your new tattoo.

All declarations are digital to save paper and the environment.

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