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Service och dokumentation  - Vilka tjänster som erbjuds och vilken information dokumenteras.




All design görs på digital Wacom-skärm för bäst resultat och snabba ändringar.



Innan tatueringen lämnas en innehålls-förteckning på ämnen i färgen. Ni får veta exakt vad ni ska bära i huden.

Tattoos Machine_edited.jpg



Ni erbjuds en unik möjlighet - från idé till färdig design guidar artisten er genom processen och bollar idéer.


för allas


Ni fårlämna en deklaration av er generella hälsa. I den godkänner ni också behandlingen.




Många olika tatueringsstilar erbjuds. Tala med artisten om just ert arbete.

Alien dotwork design _evildesign_edited.



Genom att maila studion era idéer kan artisten snabbt skissa ett förslag och ge er en prisuppgift.

Turning to Evildesign means that you get a unique opportunity to compose your own design  together with the artist based on the wishes you have.

Feel free to present your ideas, placement of the tattoo and size and the work begins with a simple sketch to get the feeling of the work. Then we discuss changes and the design is drawn and completed for your approval. 
The same applies to graphic works such as advertising, logos and, for example, company profiles.
It is important to have a dialogue about what designs or logos should look like, color schemes and graphic printability. Information about what the work should look like gives Evildesign an opportunity to complete the job in a faster and safer way - exactly as it is intended.

When it comes to tattoo designs, there are no boundaries; It can be anything from a record cover to one of the children's scribbled drawings. It's entirely up to you - personally or not, tattoos have always been a way to adorn your body or express yourself.

To make an appointment, call or send your email to the studio. Be sure to explain where on the body the tattoo should sit and how big you want it to be. It facilitates the estimation of both the price and time of the tattoo.

Evildesign reserves the right to deny inappropriate designs or placements.

There have always been mysteries and myths about tattoos, about what color contains and how bad it hurts. Unfortunately, information about tattoos on the internet is more misleading than enlightening and sadly, reality series about tattoos do not make things better.


The studio is therefore available and answers your questions.  

The best way is to send a message to the studio and the answer will arrive within 24 hours (on weekdays).

Warm welcome!

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